DIY Metal Gate Frame – How to build in 4 easy steps

DIY Metal Gate Frame – How to build in 4 easy steps


Building your very own custom-sized metal gate frame has never been easier thanks to Kwiktech’s DIY Gate Kit.

In just 4 easy steps you can now fabricate a perfectly square gate frame from standard fencing materials using only a tape measure and a standard impact driver.

Not only can now you fabricate with ease, but the Kwiktech Easy DIY Fabrication Table (download as a PDF here) even provides your required cut-lengths and Connector positioning. And all you need is the overall dimensions of the required gate.

In fact Kwiktech’s DIY Gate Kit makes fabricating your custom-sized metal gate so easy all you need to do is download our DIY Gate Kit Flyer (download as a PDF here) and watch our 4-minute square framework Video Tutorial (watch here) and you’re all set to start fabricating.


Superior Strength or Lightweight Ease of Use.

Kwiktech is compatible with both galvanised steel RHS and aluminium tube allowing you to choose superior strength for larger gates with heavier cladding, or fabricate lightweight gates for extreme ease of use.

Your framework will come up perfectly square, thanks to the correct Connector positioning and simple mathematics with your Connectors securely locking your framework together at clinically precise angles, and create a perfectly flush finish ideal for cladding on both sides with any material you like. All you need to do is fix the cladding directly to the frame and your perfectly square, perfectly flush, DIY metal gate is complete.


Kwiktech DIY Square / Gate Kit.

Your Kwiktech DIY Square / Gate Kit comes with everything you need to fabricate your metal gate frame with ease;

  • 8 x Universal Connectors
  • 8 x Rail Connectors
  • 8 x Zinc Plated Socket Head Cap Screws
  • 50 x Self-Drilling Galvanised Wafer Head Screws
  • 1 x Right Angle Bracket

With your DIY Square / Gate Kit in hand all you need is your tape measure, a standard impact driver and a quick trip to your local Steel Supplier to pick up your cut-to-size hollow metal lengths and your desired cladding and accessories. Take your Kwiktech Easy DIY Fabrication Table with you to your local Steel Supplier and they can even give you a hand to find your required cut-lengths.

Share and Win!

Send us photos of your custom-sized DIY Metal Gate and we will send you a DIY Creator Kit absolutely FREE! That’s right, $120 worth of Kwiktech for a small handful of photos. As easy as that!

Send your photos to sales@kwiktech.com.au and we will send your FREE DIY Creator Kit to you the very next day.

Happy Fabricating!

Cheers, The Kwiktech Team

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