Kwiktech is a revolutionary new product that takes all the hassle out of fabricating with hollow metal by connecting and bracing readily-available and cost-effective fencing materials for hassle-free DIY fabrication.

Now even the most inexperienced DIY’er can fabricate lightweight and ultra-portable framework you can assemble and disassemble in minutes using only a tape measure and standard power tools.

Developed over a 9-year Research, Testing and Development period, Kwiktech was invented by a Boilermaker/Welder with over 20-years experience across the Construction, Mining, Oil and Gas Industries.

With a main goal of eliminating the need to cut angles and weld galvanised RHS, Kwiktech also takes all the guess work out of fabricating perfectly square framework thanks to the Easy DIY Fabrication Table.

Page 1 provides your required cut-lengths with only the overall height and width measurements required. Simply intersect the overall height and width measurements to easily find your cut-lengths. Download here.

Page 2 provides your Connector positioning and thanks to the clinical precision of the Nylon 6 Thermoplastic Connectors, simple mathematics ensures your framework builds perfectly square every time. Download here.

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